A downloadable game for Windows


UberClause is a 3D Platformer in which you try to kick your enemy from floating islands to win the game.

This is a students project. 



  • Paul Grimm:  Art and Story
  • Adrian Splisteser: Code and Game Design
  • Husam-Aldin Al Aloulou: Art
  • Moritz Ratajczak: Game Director, Art, Game Design

Game Design // UE  Super Hümor Show (WiSe18/19) 

Supervised by: Professor Sebastian Stamm


Wip_Testbuild_Winterscene.zip 53 MB
UberClause_V1.1.zip 74 MB
UberClause_V1.2.zip 107 MB
UberClause_V1.3.zip 140 MB


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Tried the 1.3 demo...

The graphics in the game are nicely aesthetic for me, but once again all that work is ruined by the awkward gameplay, this time i wasn't even able to play the level.

First off, when i clicked play and it showed me the storyboardz, there was already no 'Next' button and the SBz oddly went from one to another in seemingly fixed interval.

Then it went to split-screen (you might add an option to online co-op on some point...), but i wasn't able to move it as the game is settled to two joysticks with no setting for keyboard (↑ ← → ↓ and WASD), the title screen has no picture in it...

It gets pretty challening if it's students work and you can't pick who to work with, but for this product it might be worth it to continue in dis path...

Also might be better if you added a regular 3D character (or maybe custom FBX character import).

As i haven't found a walkthrough and i'm myself too lazy to connect a joystick i guess it's first person shooting with snowballz ?